Postcards from the End of the World

by michaelfcrane

Michael Crane’s new book ‘Postcards from the End of the World,’ represents over 100 of Michel’s best poems and a selection
of his short and long fiction including 20 micro stories from his collection Postcards from the End of the World
which is an imaginary city above a waterfall where strange things happen like a woman kisses men
and they shrink, a bull that cannot die and many others.
book cover
‘Bleak, funny, moody, like a modern-day Chaplin, Michael Crane shows us the flickering frames of his and our lives
 in the pervasive dystopia of Melbourne. The tantalising emptiness of distant beauty, the impossible quest for the perfect poem,
 the slippages of social, economic and emotional access are subjects of these confessional and comedic songs.
Many are performance pieces and lyric-like, they wear their heart on their sleeve as they speak in the wry,
keening voice of a contemporary troubadour who sees from the outside the fears and foibles,
the desires and disappointments, especially of men, in a world which still sometimes
seems at the edge of the universe.’ – David Gilbey- Charles Sturt University.
More than 300 poems by Michael Crane have been published in literary journals and newspapers since in Australian, U.S. and Canada including the Best Australian Poems 2011.
He completed a diploma at the RMIT professional writing and editing course, organised Poetry Idol for the Melbourne Writers Festival 2007 -2011,
and is managing editor of the Paradise Anthology 2008- 2012. He has organised four tours with Les Murray since 2007 including in December 2012.
He performs musical poems with singer songwriter Trish Anderson of the acclaimed band Git and the Rock n Roll Poetry Band, The Scion Pirates.
Michael has also written an unpublished detective novel
Co Publisher Anthony Doig has been a regular performer at Poetry Idol held since 2009 and he is an experienced actor appearing in television commercials and recently appeared in the State Opera production of Salome.
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